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Exclusive Premium
Mānuka Honey

Pure New Zealand
Mānuka Honey

New Zealand Mānuka honey has a world wide reputation of quality and superiority but why is this? Not only is it a natural super food it also has unique properties that scientists have tested and proven for many years.  The UMF (Unique Mānuka Factor) grading system we have on our honey assures our consumers you are buying an authentic, unadulterated, natural product of the New Zealand Mānuka tree.

22+ UMF

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20+ UMF

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18+ UMF

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15+ UMF

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10+ UMF

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UMF Certification

In order for us to have this UMF approval on our honey we have to be registered and licensed.  This means we adhere to strict guidelines enforced and protected by the New Zealand government, including independently tracking each and every hive.  After extracting our honey we must then get our honey tested at an approved science lab to quantify the UMF rating. Kotahi UMF licence number 2922.

Unique Mānuka Factor


Any Mānuka honey with a UMF rating higher than 10 is known to be a quality active Mānuka honey, as it has been found to be effective against highly resistant bacteria.  This is why our honey is superior.  Kotahi Mānuka Honey is guaranteed monofloral Mānuka, meaning it is pure Mānuka, and nothing else.

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